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Escort: Dar

Date: 15th of Sep 2017


I would just like to say how much I appreciated the services of MTTG.
Sadly, I have returned to New Zealand now, and I am going to miss Dar a lot.

She is a breathtakingly beautiful woman, who from the moment she arrived gave me good eye contact, a gorgeous smile, and was in no rush. This was the first time in my life I had been with an escort, which I explained to her.

She took me to the bedroom, where I asked what are we allowed to do and she replied anything. We began to kiss and I swear it was like kissing a girlfriend, she was passionate and very affectionate. I was very keen on going down on her and when we took her clothes off that thai beauty knocked me off my feet and I spent nearly an hour between her legs worshipping her. Afterwards she cuddled me, and held me like a lover, we talked about her life and mine, I was extremely enjoying her company. She was not clock watching and when time ran out she did not run out the door, she made me feel wanted.

Two days later I yearned for her but being submissive I thought I'd try Sarah, and what do you know after all the messing you guys around(very sorry) I again had the beautiful Dar in my arms again, and it was even better the second time.

Had she agreed I would bring her to New Zealand and marry her, my thai goddess.

I think what you do is great, and I think thai woman are the most beautiful woman on the planet. If any one of your girls wishes to start a new life in New Zealand I would marry them and treat them like a queen for the rest of their life.

Thank you, From M

Note: The 'messing your around' part was that he had scheduled Sarah. Booking came in just after another request for Sarah. Sarah was rushing to get ready for the other booking and didn't see his booking. I mentioned it to her but she thought I was referring to the other booking that just came in. I didn't even know about the other booking as I missed it. Sarah handles all her bookings anyway so I don't usually watch her bookings much. So, once this was all figured out we were rushing to get him another girl. Toi (in the VIP area) was in Phuket so I suggested her and he said ok. But as she was on her way he decided to try Dar again. I told him no problem since he was a VIP.

Length of booking: 2 Days

Would you recommend Dar to other clients? yes

Would you hire Dar again? yes